7 Benefits of Yahoo Store as an E-commerce Platform

When you’re a prospective or new startup business person, the last thing you want to do is be burning money. Building out an e-commerce website can be expensive, especially if you don’t have web design skills or coding knowledge. That means you’ll have to hire an expert web designer to build out a beautiful e-commerce store. Luckily, there are many e-commerce website builders that you can leverage. Here, we are going to highlight the 5 best free e-commerce website builders to choose from:

1.Magento is the best free e-commerce website, builder

Magento is the best free commerce website builder, by far. That statement is reinforced by the fact that eBay owns it. Magento comes with robust and powerful e-commerce features and tools that offer online store owners a great amount of flexibility with regards to configuring and assuming complete control of their online stores. Magento has an impressive track record regarding services. The fact that it's integrated with eBay has made many e-commerce owners to build their e-commerce platforms on it. The features that you will get if you build your online store on Magento include shopping cart software, Search engine optimization, web design, mobile e-commerce, analytics and reporting, marketing, multiple websites, inventory management, order management and customer service. With Magento, you’ll be able to scale your online business quickly.

2. Shopify is one of the best free e-commerce website builders

Shopify is the biggest e-commerce website builder out there. It has a free version for those who want to build an online store without paying a dime. Shopify powers more than half a million online stores. It has more than 1 million active users and has sold over $46 billion as of this writing. These figures vindicate the fact that it’s the biggest e-commerce website builder out there.

Shopify has pretty much all the features you need in an online store. These features include a fully customizable website, a log feature, an online store), Shopify payment, Shopify shipping, inventory features (customer data, product inventory and unlimited bandwidth), sales channels (allows you to sell on Amazon and Pinterest) and around-the-clock customer support.  With Shopify, you don't need web design skills or coding knowledge to create your e-commerce store. It comes with a custom domain name, and online store and a wide range of e-commerce websites template to choose from. Essentially, Shopify lets you get straight to growing your online business.

- Yahoo e-commerce solution comes with innovative tracking tools

One of the main features that put Yahoo Store on the map is the availability of a complete set of tracking tools. These tools enable you to see critical data, such as where the traffic is emanating from and how it’s converting. You’re also able to know your store’s visits, page views, and sales data for any timescale. These tracking tools also inform you which keywords and search engines are contributing traffic to your e-commerce store.

- They are continually innovating new features to improve your e-commerce solutions

Yahoo Store has its team of expert marketers and engineers who work exclusively with Yahoo store. They have been able to stay afloat because they continuously listen to developers and e-commerce retailers to make sure they are availing the newest tools and features to their store owners. They do this to operate fully functional e-commerce platforms.

3. OpenCart is a great option when looking for the best free e-commerce website builders

OpenCart is an open complete e-commerce website builder that allows you to create your e-commerce store, add and manage your products, enables your customers to use an integrated shopping cart to purchase and process their items. In a nutshell, this software solution delivers everything you need in an e-commerce store. OpenCart comes with an intuitive and well-designed user-interface. Opencart also includes features such as product rating and reviews, multi-language, multi-currency, unlimited products, unlimited categories, a range of e-commerce website templates, open source, free documentation, over 20 payment options, and over 8 shipping methods. 

4. WooCommerce makes the list of the best free e-commerce website builders

WooCommerce is not exactly an open source website builder, but a WordPress open source shopping cart plugin. That means that online businesses using WordPress can use it to convert their websites into e-commerce stores. Even those businesses that don’t have WordPress websites can utilize WooCommerce by downloading WordPress first for free. WooCommerce’s most striking features is the one-page checkout process that lets customers pay for their items effortlessly.


If you're a prospective e-commerce business owner and operating on a shoestring budget, you can start with a free e-commerce website. When the business takes off and start generating money, you can easily upgrade to a paid option. Pick out one free e-commerce website builder from this list.